Wednesday 24 June 2009

Drawings coming along…

Spoke to Katrina and Kamilla this morning..the girls are making more drawings for me, so Løven i kjøleskapet (The Lion in the Refrigerator) will have more pictures…marv..the girls are so clever at making pictures …and it is such joy to work together like this…with them visualising my stories in their own way…makes it all come alive, it does too…love you guys…

Monday 15 June 2009

Early to bed, early to rise

Some things don’t really change, do they? Like this one. And if it’s late to bed, it’s still early to rise, because the body is wired like that..okay, not so early but still I can only get in six and a half hours of sleep if I go to bed after midnight…prolly something to do with the midnight sun..not the “too much light” theory..but I guess the body is getting used to living in the arctic..oh well..could have been worse….

Friday 12 June 2009

Docu Film Ideas

Been all over city centre with Moses to get ideas for a docu-film on Tromsø. Quite fun. Moses is new to Tromsø, and this being his first summer, he asked if the trees on Tromsdalen had sprouted overnight as all he had seen all winter was snow and greyness. This little city is amazingly colourful and multicultural. More so in summer. Sounds, Sights, and Smells…I love the city in summer…we’re still waiting for the sunflower man to arrive..every summer, he is there in the city centre, harmonica in place, big drum tied to his toe, banjo lower down his chest and one more musical instrument I have temporarily forgotten…

Monday 8 June 2009


Feels like I’ve been away a long wasn’t that long..four days, five? Oslo was warmer and wonderful..I have been able to appreciate it so much more now, the old houses, the many streets near Nils Juels gate and Thomas Hefteyes gate …spent a glorious afternoon laying in green grass in the castle park..away from conferences, et al…when you lie down, your whole perspective of things change…the sky is farther away, the trees hover over you, the birds are more curious, three white-gray birds with funny red beaks came close to examine