Wednesday 18 November 2009

What I’ve been doing!

Stavanger for a lo-o-o-ng week but I wasn’t bored. The best part was they didn’t let me stay at the little 150 year-old, almost by-the-harbour, beautifully worked, but haunted house. So I could write a poem about it and do jazzpoesi with Johan Egdetveit, wonderfully versatile accordionist. Beautiful Wednesday evening at a vegan cafe called Resept. Lots of poetry. Lots.

Then we did the library and we did the barnamuseet, the children’s museum, where I donned a raincoat and hat to read a rain story of a wet crow to four year olds. They loved it! Saturday was exciting with more poetry reads broadcast to a live audience at St Andrews, Scotland. Hats off to ICORN and Sharahzad for all those memorable days!