Wednesday 24 March 2010

A blog, a blog, my kingdom for a blog!

Just kidding. I’m sure that was not voiced in any kingdom!

One glorious week in Stavanger where we kick started the Neighbourhood Challenge project which is being promoted by Shahrazad where Norwegian artists and non-Norwegian artists collaborate on a project.

Anita and I didn’t really have Shahrazad in mind when we planned to make foto-poem books on the ICORN cities in Norway. But when it got serious, in the sense that we started to tell people about it, Sharahzad came forward to say that they would sponsor us partially.

So last week was the beginning of what looks like a very exciting work. We stopped strangers on the streets and asked if we could take their photos, explaining that it was for a book on Stavanger. Ninety seven percent happily posed for us. When we bumped into some of them the next days, we were like old friends, greeting each other, exchanging addresses or parting with the words, “We’ll talk on Facebook!” What a rich experience this has been. If the other cities are going to be half as friendly, wow, we could do this for a lifetime.